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Thursday, December 29, 2022

May I Not Marry A Woman Like My Mum (See What Happened)

My 16-year-old sister had been away from the house since Christmas Eve and returned yesterday at 11 p.m.

My dad was furious and vowed to deal with her in a way she would never forget for the rest of her life, but my mother warned him against doing so lest they go to war.

When the girl returned my dad asked where she was and she was busy chewing gums and turning her eyes like she was having epepilsy seizure my mum was shouting at him to leave her alone but my dad hit her OMG the slapped sound it still haunting me.

It was my first time seeing my dad being a man of the house that he is supposed to be long time ago and I was so proud of him but that didn’t last long when my mum slapped my dad back and they started fighting OMG .

She beat him up my dad is not strong cus of diabetes, she locked him outside saying if I dare to open the door for him she will lock me out too.

I quietly went inside my room crying and I left the house early morning to go and look for my dad he is actually at his elder brother’s place he said he will not return back.

I feel sorry for him and I have sworn to never marry a woman like my mum she doesn’t deserve the title wife or mother and as for my sister, she is cursed for disrespecting dad and the time she will realize her mistakes it will be too late for her.

I wish my dad a long life so I will over-pamper him when I become rich, I am only 20 and one day I will make him proud.

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