“Stop Using Fasting as Excuse to Deprive Your Husband of S@x”– Anita Joseph Urges Women - Nigelzient



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Thursday, December 29, 2022

“Stop Using Fasting as Excuse to Deprive Your Husband of S@x”– Anita Joseph Urges Women

Actress Anita Joseph, has advised married women to stop using fasting as an excuse to starve their husbands of sex. She questioned how some women fast for 20 days and deprive their husbands of sex.

Anita in a post on her Instagram page, stated that it is common with women to go into longtime fasting and use this as an excuse not to satisfy their husbands in bed.

She added that women who do this are not following the bible. This is because the bible didn’t instruct married people not to have sex while fasting.

Anita Joseph wrote:

“For all seasons and all Times..It is you. Women how do you do fasting for 20 Days and starve your Husband of s****x ! Even the Bible didn’t instruct you to do that Shallom. We don resume motivational talk oh ShALLOM SHALLOM SHALLOM !!”.

Recall that Anita Joseph have come under heavy criticism recently over her choice of husband. Social media users have trolled her for marrying a younger man.

Reacting to this in a previous interview she stated that she laughs at people who mock her for marrying a younger man.

Her words:

“When people try to mock me by saying I married a younger lover, I just laugh. It is very hilarious. You know people assume a lot, because I’m plumpy and he’s slim that’s why they feel that way, but it’s cool, we don’t care. Now is the age that is their problem while some of them don’t even have a working relationship. Some can’t keep a man for 2 months. They can continue talking, while we enjoy our marriage. His grace has kept us no regrets at all.”

See below,

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