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Friday, June 19, 2020

Why Would A Wife Ask Her Husband Money For Sex?

Just this morning, I was woken by some noise coming from my neighbour’s house.

My neighbour lives alone with his wife, and they’ve been married for only a couple of years.
The Husband is a pauper and is regarded as one of the poorest men in the neighbourhood.
His wife, who is a petty trader, is not any better financially.
She is beautiful but not very neat if even neat at all. She leaves her compound unwept oftentimes, cooks openly with firewood and with the dirtiest of pots, and only brings her clothes (hers alone as she doesn’t wash her husband’s) outside to wash only once in two weeks.
All in all, I still don’t think she’s dirty.
So this fateful morning, other neighbours and I could hear the wife bawling continually.
We approached the house and saw the wife sitting on a bench in the verandah with her chin resting on her palm; she was already sobbing this time.
We asked what the problem was and she continued her bawling.
Just then, the husband came out and greeted us all. He seemed calm, and he explained what happened to us, the men, while the women sat with the bawling wife to console her.
The man had wanted to have sex with his wife very early in the morning, and she had asked that the husband pay her before he’s allowed to have anything sex with her. She insulted him, called him a useless, jobless man, and even said no food for a lazy man, not even sex; with this, the husband got infuriated and was forced—out of annoyance—to hit her severally.
This is what alerted us, the neighbours and required us to come out of our respective houses to find out what happened.
The husband has said he is sorry and has asked us to help him apologize to his wife, and we have done so.
So I decided to bring the matter here.

What Do You Guys Think Of The Wife And The Husband?

Why would she(the wife) ask her husband for money before sex in the first place? That is where I think the wife has gone wrong.

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