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Monday, October 17, 2022

A MUST READ! What Happened Between A Woman & Her Maid In “Church”

In churches, especially down here in the east, I’m sure seeing couples with their little helps saddling big big bags and babies during service, isn’t new.

My parish, a lot of families come to church with their helps…how do i know they are helps?

Their outfit, carriage and responsibilities, gives them out godu.

The couple usually dress to kee na impress. Their children dresses sweetly as well; pretty hairdos and nice haircuts mana their helps…

They are clothed in drab cloths and most of the time, spot freshly shaved bololo instead of a hairdo.


As i was putting finishing touches around the altar steps, a couple stepped in with their kids…one look and i knew who the help was.

They located somewhere and sat…kids from ages 3 to 9 go upstairs but since the help was carrying a toddler, she had to sit with her guardians.

The bigger child, went upstairs to the kids department. I didn’t think much about it…I see such, every Sunday at Mass.

Now when Mass started proper, I went upstairs to sit with the kids…i like going upstairs because i get to see everything happening during Mass, at once.

That particular help, started going in and out of the church…they stayed just close to the side door.

Now babies cry in church…not new but each time the toddler cried, the help, takes her out then comes back in when she has stopped.

The toddler would always want to come down from the helps laps but she’d grab her to sit…toddlers don’t like sitting still.

I watched keenly like say na wetin dem send me go church go do…i am a very curious person.

Now when the toddler tried to get down again, she missed her step and since the help couldn’t grab her on time, the pretty baby landed on the floor, on her face.

She wailed and everyone at Mass paused. Her mother got up, carried her and signalled for the help to follow her…they went outside.

Something told me to go straight to the window and what i saw when i looked down, made my blaad run cold.

As she was rocking her baby with one arm, she used the other hand to lift the helps ear, to the high heavens.

Bent her over, locked her head in-between her thighs and in quick succession, land three slaps to her back.

The help came up for air, writhing with one arm frantically massaging her back to meet another uppercut, to the face.

Me: I was like holy mary! Do you know why i found what she did nauseating?

She Beat that child then rocked hers sweetly till she stopped crying.

When she came into the church, that is, when she passed the door into the church, she genuflected!

Catholics genuflect to the crucifix when they step into the church!

This woman genuflected after almost splitting a poor girls back!

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