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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Peruzzi, Dr. Sid And Other Nigerian Celebrities Who Used to Be Medical Doctors

Who knows what the future will bring?

It’s fascinating to observe how people’s lives develop and how they come to be with the partners, employers, or ways of life that they do.

We’ll examine famous Nigerians who gave up their medical careers to work in entertainment.


Odessa State Medical University in Nigeria is where Nigerian musician Peruzzi, known for songs like “Amaka” and “Somebody Baby,” studied medicine and surgery. He later disclosed why he quit medicine on an Instagram Live with Ubi Franklin.

I went to medical school because of my mother. I had to abandon the lab coat because it wasn’t giving me what i want.

Dr Sid

The doctor that is listed under Dr. Sid’s name is real. Before pursuing a career in music, the gifted singer behind singles like Surulere, Something About You, and Over The Moon earned a degree in dental surgery from the University of Ibadan. She also worked in a private hospital for three years while completing a housemanship.

Kate Henshaw

Kate is a highly well-known actress who is well-known for appearing in popular films like Chief Daddy, 4th Republic, Stronger than Pain, Domitila, and others. Kate studied remedial subjects for a year at the University of Calabar after finishing her primary and secondary education in Lagos and Calabar before concentrating in medical microbiology at the School of Medical Lab Science, Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

During an Instagram Live, Kate discussed her decision to leave her career as a doctor, saying:

I wanted to become a doctor so I could save lives. But I found out that I don’t like blood and injection. It became Medical Micro Biology which was an alternative medical practice.

Beautiful Nubia

Segun Akinlolu, better known by his stage name Beautiful Nubia, is another musician who earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Ibadan in 1992. He is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and band leader. After that, he worked as a veterinarian for nearly eight years.

Kiki Omeili

Nigerian actress Kiki Omeili most popular for her role as Lovette on Lekki Wives is also one celebrity who used to be a doctor. The actress attended the University of Lagos where she graduated with her medical degree. Speaking about her decision to quit medicine for acting, Kiki said to The Punch:

Some people think I’m crazy to have quit medicine for a career in acting. I’m just doing what I love. When I was in secondary school, I was always interested in stage performances and debates. When it was time for me to go to the university, I chose to study Medicine. However, by the time I was done studying Medicine, I realised that I was still drawn to the arts. I practised for a little while, but I needed to go with my passion.

The end!

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