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Saturday, August 22, 2020

I’m In Pain – “How My Girlfriend Cheated On Me With Her Neighbour”

I’ve been hearing it from people but I don’t know how they do feel about it. I’ve heard stories about how a lady cheating on her guy and a man cheating, but all these stories I do see them as fantasy or something that is not real.

I’ve heard about a lady killing herself because of her boyfriend and I’ve heard about a boy taking sniper because of a lady.
Recently, I was in love with a lady in my office and this lady she is 35 years of age, I am 37 years of age and I asked out, we started dating after a period of time, she told me about herself, after all in the place of her work, she has dated about three different persons that she had sex with them. People in the office do gossip about her because of how waryward life. They do call her prositute. With all that, I still love her.
Before I came on board, she told me about her neighbour and all what they’ve done like touching and kissing was the highest they have done and I said ok.
We started dating and working towards marriage. At a time, we got intimate. I never knew that she was still seen her neighbor. She do go to his room to charge her phone. I never knew that they were having sex and she was having sex with me. she always claim that I’m the only person she is having sex with but I have this kind of feeling that she is cheating on me. I do always argue and challenged her faithfulness and at the end, she will put up a defensive mode accusing me that I didn’t trust her.
Some days ago, when i challenged her with evidence of cheating. She confessed to me about how she and her neighbour been having sex and I was heartbroken, that night, I slept in a house I couldn’t get it, I never knew that I love her so much, that was a period I knew that I was deeply in love with her. I feel like dying, I feel like everything is over. I love her so much, I want to marry her. Few days ago, I travelled to meet with my parents and discussed my marriage issues with them, I told my girl about it but she didn’t blive. With all these, she didn’t feel remorseful. I wish I had never met her. I am in pain.. What should I do? I am a confused man now.

What Can I Do To Get Over This pain??

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