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Sunday, June 21, 2020

I Think This Girl Is A Player & A Gold Digger

I met this girl about a month ago (same day her phone got missing) and we started talking etc.

She usually calls me every morning, afternoon and night (and I would call her back too) using her senior sister’s phone…
I would get her anything she wants, treated her well…. We would talk and I noticed how she was behaving and thought she’d be straight with me, so I told her I would get her the phone by month end…
Not that I couldn’t get her the phone the next day but I just purposely delayed it (3 weeks) and when month end came I added extra week to see how she reacts and then I got her the phone but since I got her the phone she just changed and stopped doing all she used to do, I noticed and played along to see where she’s heading to…
It’s more than a week since I got her the phone and I noticed she hasn’t changed…
I thought about giving her a second chance and then she did something that annoyed me. I sent a very angry voice note and some messages, but she didn’t reply for about a day and I thought of it and noticed she was playing a game, so I said I would play along too…
So I acted dumb and called her to apologize that I said what I said out of anger (To me I really mean it) and explained to her that I listened to the notes and didn’t find it interesting (I never did), so what I am doing now is I want to get what I gave her back because noticed a very big change and again because she might be telling her friends that I don chop this guy (which I don’t like hearing), so after our argument, I already predicted that she’d want to ask me for something after two days and truly she asked me this morning for money to buy slippers of 4k… I didn’t want to show any signs that I am aware of what she’s doing.. so I told her.. let’s be looking sha (which means I will get it)…
So I planned to play along and take her out of our environment to somewhere that’s calm, so I would then collect the phone back from her and give her her sim card.
P.s. I predicted it might play out like this but wanted to test her to see… Could have gotten her an iPhone.

I Would Really Appreciate You Guys Input

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