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Friday, June 19, 2020

“Guys, Never Invite A Lady To Pass The Night In Your Place (Read My Story)

Sometimes back, naso I arrange appointment with a lady. Naso the lady come, entertained her, she carry her smoke. Naso Night reach as we don do do finish, we kon sleep. Trust mi, I cud not sleep overnight. Yes I could not sleep.
Why? I have always read bad news on here about someone dying in another person place and it always ring in my mind. Funny enough, the girl was not feeling fine and she never told me.
I was almost awake through out the night checking if she is breathing, anytime I suspect she isn’t breathing, I tap her and she moves her body. I was even regretting why I had to let her sleep overnight sef but don’t blame me, she came in the evening.
Guys, if you get any arrangement with a babe, Pls let her come in the morning and leave that same day, probably evening. The enjoyment una wan enjoy for night can be enjoyed from morning to evening. Don’t let any lady sleep over.
1. She may be possesed (medium risk)
2. She may die in your care (very high risk). Imagine a young guy like you with a bright future going to jail for something u don’t know about.
3. You yourself may die. Hence endangering the lady’s life.
Nigeria is already messed up.. Notin like doing a forensic autopsy to ascertain the true cause of the death.
Advantages of avoiding sleeping over :
1. Peace of mind, even if she wan die overnight, she go go die for her place but pray she wont die after leaving ur place for home
2. Any style u wan do in the midnight can be done in the day time
3. Her moaning wunt disturb the neighbors cox them go dey busy
Be wise.. Don’t ever invite a lady over, any sex u Wana enjoy overnight can be enjoyed during the day.

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