There are things only kids from the 90s will understand and for this Flashback Friday, let’s reminisce about the decade that brought about some of the best times, worst fashion and gave birth to the Internet.

The brick game

The brick game got us through boring nights when there were electricity blackouts. The great thing ewas we had devices with batteries that never died.

VHS Tapes
The funniest thing about these tapes was that if someone watched the movie till the end and you needed to watch it, you had to wait a few minutes for the VHS to rewind to the beginning. No shortcuts.

Ah, the good old post office. Letters were our way of communicating with friends, partners, colleagues or the bank. Email was just a dream.

The radio
It was the only source of music so you had to keep it on all day to listen to your favorite song. And rush to tape it if you wanted to listen back.

Black and white T.V
T.V was life, but only when the antenna was cooperating.
What are your favourite memories from the 90s?