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How My Uncle Nearly Raped Me, Lady Shares He Terrible Experience

Hello fellow Naijalodite, I have got a very disturbing issue and needs help on how to solve it.

Due to COVID-19, I lost my job and as schools resumed this year, I left my hometown to the city to seek for a teaching job.
But my only accommodation as in the search of the job is my Aunty’s house (a relation from my mum’s side)who is legally married so I was there until fortune smiled on me and I got the job.
Schools vacated just last week Friday and fortunately/unfortunately my aunty had to travel for vacation outside the country for 3weeks.
Very sad enough her husband on Sunday evening called me from my room to come and help him fold his heavy cloth (NB: This is a man who usually dresses casually for both church service n work)
So as he asked me to come help him, I had thoughts on my mind like what cloth at all?
Aaahh well I went anyways cos of the kind of respect I have for him. He has a son of about 8-9years and he also has his own room.
When I knocked on his door, he asked me to come in and he told me he wanted to pee and come so I should hold on.
Right there he locked the door from behind and pushed me on his bed and started fighting me to sleep with me.
As I kept struggling with him, he started tearing my dress apart just to have his way into me but I kept fighting and shouting.
Then he held my mouth saying I’m not a child so I should stop that childish lifestyle cos he’s been interested in me for many years as I used to visit them those days on vacation from High school.
Since I didn’t allow him, he was able to use his finger on me instead of his penis.
Fortunate for me, our prepaid got finished, so the son started calling his name and that saved me.
He attended to the child and went to load a new credit in the meter.
I then had the advantage to run out of his room. I went to sit outside crying cos I was nearly raped if not because I was strong enough to fight him.
But he came to me at where I was sitting and told me to think about his proposal.
He’s gonna give me all the money I need but told him I can’t date a married man, more or less my aunty’s husband.
He came to me saying I shouldn’t lock my door that night when I’m ready to sleep ‘cos he would come over.
I said okay but as I slept, I locked it, and he didn’t have access. He came to squeeze the handle anyway.
The next morning which was Monday, as he left for work I packed all my things and left the house leaving the son and a guy cousin who had also come that morning for a visit.
I don’t want to return to the city again but my work there too is at stake.
I only worked with them just last term and suddenly I’m not coming again.

What Do I Tell My Aunty If She Returns And Schools Resume And Asks Why I Haven’t Come So That I Can Go To Work?

I feel traumatized and confused. I just don’t want to spoil my aunty’s happy home.

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