WHAT SHOULD I DO? I Noticed That My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me And This Later Happened - Nigelzient



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WHAT SHOULD I DO? I Noticed That My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me And This Later Happened

Hello fellow readers, how are you, and how has your day been?

There’s a reader that needs our help. He sent in his story and wants you all to weight in.

He said:-

I have sometime in February this year made a post of a lady I met and who refused taking my calls one certain night and which I did a post seeking for advise here.
Let me now go straight to the recent happening in the relationship with this lady whom I met in the church and who also live in the same estate with me in fact her house is not that far from mine though she is living with her aunt.
It happened that on Wednesday being the 21st of April, 2021, when I arrived home from work, it is my usual practice to call her and when I called her that very day, she took her call and told me that she is very hungry and her reason was that she didn’t like what they cooked in her house. I have to invite her over to my house and she ate very well and even took a bottle of soft drink before leaving for her house that night which I also gave her a naira note in case she wants to buy anything the following day.
The following day being the 22nd of April, as usual when I came back from work around 6:30pm, I put two calls across to her which were made in different intervals, but lol and behold this lady I thought she was my girl friend didn’t pick up the calls, I remained calmed and went to bed that night.
However, during the course of the night, around 11:30pm that night my phone rang and I took the phone to know who was calling, it was this my so called girl friend that was calling, I had to ignore the call.
The following day very early in the morning she called again but I was preparing for work and I didn’t want anything that will ignite sad mood on me, I have to ignored her calls even when I was at the office.
Later in the evening when I was about leaving the office she called again and I picked up the call with a mild attention, she then asked why I refused taking her calls since, I replied her by saying that she started it, this lady has to immediately end the call and up until now she has refused to take my calls or call back.
Please I really want to know who is at fault here because she is now making it look as if I am at fault but as it is I have made up my mind to call it a quit if she can not step down her pride and apologize.

What Should I Do?

I will appreciate you guys opinions on this.

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