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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

LET’S TALK!!! A Lot Of Talented Artistes In The North, Why Are They Not Blowing??


Hey Guys, Welcome back to Nigelzient!

Today I want to talk about something that has been bothering me for a while.  It has got me thinking for a while but nobody seems to be interested in this conversation..

A whole lot of Artistes from different regions across Nigeria are all having their fair share in the Music industry and cashing out big time but so sad, that Nothern-based talents are not breaking in…

However, this question continues to ring in my head 👇

Why are there so many talented Artistes in the North, but they are not getting the recognition they deserve?

I mean, have you heard some of the amazing songs and beats that these guys are producing? They have so much talent and creativity, but they are not getting the exposure and support that they need to blow up.

I think there are several factors that contribute to this problem and I will take my time to list them below.

Challenges Faced by Northern Artistes:

1. Lack of infrastructure, resources & funding

Many of these artistes don’t have access to quality studios, equipment, promoters, or distributors. They have to rely on their own skills and networks, which can be very limiting and frustrating.

2. Limited Exposure

The Northern music scene often operates in the shadows of its southern counterparts. Lack of exposure means that many talented artists remain hidden gems, waiting for their moment to shine which sadly might eventually never come.

3. Not spending on Promotion

We have seen artiste Erigga blow up into Mainstream markets like Lagos and Abuja without actually leaving Warri, that’s the power of promotion.

Many of these Nothern Artistes do not promote their songs or materials at all. They just do good songs and expect miracles to happen when they can reach out to Radios, TVs, Blogs, and Media houses in Lagos to help them get things done without coming down to Lagos.

4. Cultural and linguistic Barriers

Many of these artistes sing or rap in their local languages, which may not appeal to the mainstream audience or the media. They also face discrimination and stereotypes from some people who think that the North is backward or violent.

These artistes have to work extra hard to overcome these challenges and prove themselves.

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