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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

UNPOPULAR OPINION: There Is No Real Pastor or Prophet In Nigeria (See Why)

In my opinion, without offending anyone, there is no genuine pastor or prophet in Nigeria.

Nigerian Christians have given so much information about themselves to their pastors and prophets that they can no longer discern when the same information is being presented to them as a prophecy.

You attended a church program where a temporary ID card was issued to you, and information about you was recorded in the church registrar for security purposes, as they described it. And you think the general overseer will not have access to the registrar?

“Do you know me? Have we met before?” they will ask, to which you will respond with a “no” because you both have not crossed paths before. However, you forgot that you have given some information about yourself to the ushers.

I recall, someone saw a vision about a girlfriend of mine, how her ex-boyfriend was supposed to marry her but left her because of hearsay and all that. Then I asked her, “Did the prophet see anything about me, your current boyfriend?” She said no. I laughed.

Ordinarily, she can’t see me, even if she uses some supernatural powers. So I wasn’t surprised.

My point is, most of these seer 1 are actors. FAKE!

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