OH NO!! 7 Months After Ifeanyi’s Death, Davido Introduces His Secret Son “Dawson” To The World - Nigelzient



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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

OH NO!! 7 Months After Ifeanyi’s Death, Davido Introduces His Secret Son “Dawson” To The World

In a recent interview, award-winning artist Davido made a surprising revelation about his family, shedding light on his hidden son and expressing his pride in his children.

However, the news has evoked mixed reactions among Nigerians, with some expressing joy while others feeling sympathy for Chioma, his wife and the mother of late Ifeanyi.

Davido, who tragically lost his first son, Ifeanyi, several months ago, decided to open up about his other children, giving the world a glimpse into his personal life.

During the interview, the musician disclosed for the first time that he has a son who resides in London. This revelation has left fans and followers astounded, curious to learn more about the young boy named Dawson.

When asked about his daughters, Davido spoke fondly of them and highlighted the strong resemblance between his second daughter, Hailey, and his late mother.

Describing Hailey as a reincarnation of his mother, he expressed his deep connection with his little girl. Davido further revealed that he had named both of his daughters as a tribute to his beloved mother.

While many Nigerians are delighted to hear about Davido’s expanding family and the joy his children bring to his life, others are experiencing mixed emotions.

Some people empathize with Chioma, who has undoubtedly been through immense pain and loss following the passing of their son, Ifeanyi.

Concerns and questions have arisen regarding the dynamics within Davido’s family and how they navigate this new revelation.

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