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Monday, April 24, 2023

INTERESTING!!! What Happened To Hakimi Almost Happened To Burna Boy When He Was Dating Stefflondon (SEE THIS)


Omo mehn, you all must have heard the story between Hakimi and his Wife – Na God save the guy oooo.

No woman can love you unconditionally except your Mother and that’s the story of Hakimi.

Right now, his mum is the reason his wife hasn’t brought him down financially else his Wife would have been controlling 50% of his wealth by now without doing or working for it..

The same thing almost happened to Burna Bóy

Burna Boy and Stefflon Don broke up in 2021 and that was the main reason Burna Boy released the hit song titled “Last Last” which ended up becoming an Award-winning song.

In case you don’t know Burna Boy having his mum around him always and making sure she’s the one controlling and keeping all of his funds is the reason his relationship with Stefflon Don didn’t work.

She left because she didn’t have much say in the relationship and because Burna’s Mum was in control of his whole wealth and manages his affair.

According to sources, Burna Boy was taking good care of her but Stefflon Don was not okay with Burna’s Mum being around him and she was unable to achieve her aim of getting 50% of his wealth.

Something to learn from this Story?

You can’t be an African especially Nigerian, go through the hard life and eventually make Money, and then one woman that didn’t see you when you are suffering will just want to come out of nowhere to get 50% of your wealth without doing anything meaningful in your life other than dating you – it’s not possible.

I think African while dating these Foreign babes already knows their intention and they would have done their assignment well so they are not caught off guard and that’s what Hakimi and Burna Boy have successfully escaped.

Emmanuel Eboué Lost Everything To His Wife

Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboué was not lucky enough to escape this and he lost all his fortune to his wife.

He went completely bankrupt and almost took his life when life got so worse for him.

Arsenal had to intervene in his situation by offering him a job so he could make money and get his life together again.

I’m not saying you should keep your funds with your Mum or something, but just make sure she knows much about your personal stuff because she’s the only person that loves you unconditionally, any other person in your life are there for their own personal gain.

The END!!!

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