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Thursday, February 02, 2023

Trending video: Man celebrates with friend as girlfriend dumps him weeks to Valentine (Video)


A Nigerian man has been captured on tape celebrating following the end of his relationship which happened few weeks to Valentine’s Day. His girlfriend apparently broke up with him recently and he decided to jubilate over the fact that he will be single from now till February 14th.

In a video making the rounds online, the two guys could be seen dancing and changing positions as a result of his new single status.

He was especially happy that there will be no financial responsibility for him to take up on that day all because he is trying to please a girl. WATCH VIDEO HERE

In other news, a Nigerian lady has revealed that she is three months pregnant for her sister’s husband and she is impatiently waiting to have the baby.

She, however, said that when she fell pregnant for the guy known as Mike, he was her boyfriend and had not married her sister yet.

Sharing her story on social media, the lady said they had a little misunderstanding, and he was not picking her calls.

According to the lady, she pleaded with her sister to talk to Mike on her behalf, so she paid him a visit.

But when her sibling returned, she advised her to forget about him, claiming that he was disrespectful. The man eventually asked for a break up, only for his ex to find out later that her sister was getting married to the same Mike.

Feeling betrayed, the younger sister visited the elder one’s matrimonial home after the wedding and seduced Mike after her sister traveled.

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