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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Pretty lady disappointed at a man’s choice of restaurant for their date


A Nigerian lady has called out an unknown man for taking her to a place she did not find appealing enough for their date. She asked him to take her out and he did as she requested but when they got to the venue, she was not happy with the outlook of the place.

The pretty lady shared a video which showed the interior of the restaurant and the food her man was eating (rice and stew)

She rolled her eyes in disapproval while panning the camera to give a view of different parts of the establishment.

“I asked him to take me out on a date”, she captioned.

See the clip HERE

In reaction, miss pragmatic said; Smh. That’s what he can afford and definitely tastes better. All these fine dining that you will still be hungry after paying heavily. Just say you wanted to snap fine pictures😂 the aesthetics wasn’t giving 😂😂

preciouscyril53; Learn to appreciate efforts,no matter how little it comes! What if when you asked, and he didn’t take you out or ignore your request🙄

qweenex; I just don’t like ungrateful people🙄🙄🙄🙄

bennysouzamedia; It’s simple! Invite him on a date in a place that you love to eat and swipe your card! That should send enough signal! (If you like him well enough, try that) !

reshapeme_nig; But the food in this kind of place can be very delicious 😍. You chop or you no chop??

chrisarry; Most girls like dis can’t afford to take themselves out

emmyhourla; Na where he money reach he carry you go

deesummer_; Once Nigerian girls done fine them think say them done big pass everybody be that, you don’t have class you just fine

david_don30; Ungrateful human being na you make money for him

themagic_hands__; We are hiring female masseuse in Ibadan, no experience needed. You’ll be trained.

mimimabel1; This is also a date location now.. It’s to order amala or pounded yam with correct soup and meat.. But why didn’t you leave when you discovered it’s not a fancy restaurant, instead of making a video to post online? My gender can be somehow.

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