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Saturday, February 04, 2023

Nigelzient: Home To Celebrity Talks And Various Forms Of Entertainment

Are you looking for an entertainment platform on which you can take part in various discussions? If it’s a yes, then Nigelzient is the place to be.

Nigelzient: Here, you can have open talks, including celebrities, betting, relationships, and trending topics. Besides, you can stream the NE TV, music, videos, sports, and the hottest DJ mixes.

Site design and usability

On your first visit, you’ll see a well-organized website with a blend of green and white colors. At the top of the page are the Home, Music, Video, Entertainment, and NE TV navigation buttons.

The News NE List, DJ Mix, Talk Zone, Sports, and More are just below them. All these buttons make your stay on the site very easy by allowing you to cycle between different features hassle-free. Moreover, you can upload your song, advertise with NE, and reach out to the site’s team with ease.

Site features

Home page: On this section, you’ll find a variety of the week’s topics, including new Naija releases, celebrity gossip, football insights, and new movies. So, a single visit gives you a glance at what has been transpiring throughout the week.

Music Section: The section gives you a list of the hottest songs, mainly from Naija artists.

Video Section: In this section, visitors can find links to videos of the trending hot songs. These are the YouTube links that help in promoting the artists and making sure the visitors get updated on the latest releases.

Entertainment section: In this section, you’ll get in-depth insights into everything happening in the entertainment industry.

NE TV section: This is one of the most interesting sections where you’ll find the site’s featured videos on various topics. These include exclusive interviews with various celebrities on a variety of topics. Besides, the section also gives you the day’s best song and interesting questions on a myriad of topics.

For example, you can see questions like what can you do with jackpot wins from casinos with Casinon Utan Licens? Thus, you can meet with like-minded friends and discuss various reputable casinos to try out.

News Section: Here, you can find all the latest news ranging from government operations to business and health-related news.

The NE List: This is where you’ll get the best hits of the week.

The DJ Mix section: As the name suggests, this is where you can listen to or download a variety of music mixes from various DJs in the country.

Talk Zone: As a social place, users and visitors can follow discussions and contribute to various topics here.

The Sports Section: Here, you can catch the latest updates on sports. Also, you’ll get the link to live scores, football quizzes, NE Predict (Football Prediction), and videos of goal highlights. Moreover, there’s a search bar below the navigation buttons with which you can search for anything you’d like to get an update.

With all these on offer at zero cost, Nigelzient should be on every Nigerian’s portfolio. The extras, like the live-streaming features, make it a perfect entertainment platform for anyone who’d like to get an exciting experience. So, make sure to visit their site to get an exclusive experience and share with many like-minded friends on various topics of interest.

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