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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

‘Most of them have sugar daddies’ – Anita Joseph speaks on why actresses are richer than actors

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has replied her colleague, Kunle Remi who was earlier wondering why it appears actresses are doing better than their male colleaguesl Reacting to his claims, one of his female colleagues, Anita Joseph gave her reasons why they are better off than their counterparts.

“Because most of the females have ndi Nna Ochie (Sugar Daddy). Shalom in the highest biko,” she wrote in the comment section of an Instagram blog.

Appearing on the ‘Honest Bunch’ podcast, Kunle Remi had mentioned that there are sometimes he drives to a movie location and his female colleagues will pull up in more expensive cars. 

According to the Anikulapo star actor, this is surprising because he knows how much he is paid for the movie and also has an idea of how much actresses are paid for the same movie.

Kunle Remi mentioned that actresses are fond of saying they have multiple streams of income when asked how they drive expensive cars.

The actor mentioned that this appearance can negatively affect actresses who are new to the industry as they would expect a lot and will end up being disappointed when they see that the industry is not how it looks.

“How come the girls seem to be doing better than the men? That is a very valid question. “I get to set, I probably drive my normal moderate car then you see your co-actress pull up. Not just pull up o, PULL UP.

“You start looking at it like, I’m a leader right?

“I probably know the budget of the whole film we are doing.

“I know how much I was paid; I have an idea of how much you were paid.

“I’m sweating here and you pull up in a nice car.

“People around see it as though what are you doing differently? What are they doing differently?

“Ladies will tell you; ‘I’m selling hair. I’m doing this. I have multiple streams of income.

“Some people, they have it by mouth, we don’t know exactly what the conversation is.

“Now, the next person coming after you; what are they expecting to get when they get to where you are.

“They expect, this girl is driving this kind of car, that means the industry is booming.

“They come into this thing, give their all, give their best and they are not seeing what you are saying they are doing,” Remi said.

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