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Monday, December 19, 2022

I Sustained No Injuries Because His Manhood Was Small, Zambian Rape Victim

A student nurse who was raped claims to have suffered no injuries to her private areas since the man who raped her had a small manhood and was wearing a condom while doing it, according to testimony presented to the Ndola High Court.

Daniel Mulaya, 28, who is charged with three counts of rape and seven counts of aggravated robbery, is thought to have committed his crimes in retaliation for his sister’s death, which occurred as a result of sexual abuse.

Mulaya is alleged to have broken into his victims houses and threatened them with a knife, taser gun and chisel to lure them into doing as he said.

When the matter came up before Ndola High Court Judge Daniel Musonda, one of the victims told court that Mulaya took turns in raping her and a roommate until the condom burst.

The victim who was narrating the happenings of December last year said Mulaya told her roommate to lie face down as he had sex with her.


The victim narrated that she was raped twice by Mulaya and that the ordeal affected her performance at school as she remained traumatized.

She told court that there was no bruising on her private parts, but indications showed that she was raped because the sperm was present.

“I was raped twice and I was not bruised because he was putting on a condom which had lubricant and his manhood was small,” she said.

The victim further narrated that Mulaya held a knife in his hand while he raped her and threatened to kill her is she screamed for help.

In cross examination, lawyer representing Mulaya, Erick Silwamba asked the victim to state how possible it was for a man with a small manhood to penetrate the privates.

The victim responded to say that he forced himself to penetrate.

The matter was then adjourned to January next year.

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