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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

SEX LIST!! 10 Mistake Men Do During $ex

There are mistakes men do while knacking and really should stop right now.

Here’s a list of 10 mistakes that you tend to make, try to keep a tab these 10 mistakes and this will surely improve your sex life.

1. Sex in the bathroom under the shower is not enjoying..only looks nice in movies but not in real life.

The water from the shower will keep washing off the juices and making penetration difficult.
And again you could slip and fall and break your waist!

2. Sex with the fan on the highest facing you to stop heat and sweating.

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It might look like a great idea but the fan tends to dry out the juices too and can make penetration uneasy. Let the sweat flow.. sex is an exercise. Sweat it out…but always smell nice.

3. Giving head to a man isn’t always enjoyable. It only looks great in movies but in real life it can be just ordinary and bland. For instance I can’t cum even if you give me head from today until tomorrow. But once I enter, there…

4. Missionary style is highly underated.. still the better than the rest. No let anybody deceive you.

5. 1 round is enough if you have perfect control of your body, can hold yourself from coming until you want to. If you can master your body, you can make one round last for 1 hour and go to sleep. Sex nobi food that you’ll need to eat 2 or 3 square meal..but you can eat 1 square meal but make sure it’s a balance diet..

6. If you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy using condom but can perfect your withdrawal method, you can go on having sex without fear of unwanted pregnancy. For all I know, I’ve never impregnated anybody before and I know I’m fully functional and fertile. But make sure you and your partner are free of STD although you can’t be too sure.

7. If you are good with your dick, you don’t need to give somebody daughter be must.

8. All sex mustn’t be followed by foreplay. Just do as the spirit leads.. sometimes it leads you to sex before foreplay.. sometimes foreplay before sex… both can still be enjoyed if you have a connection.

9. I don’t know why but you’ll know you’ve had a perfect connection sexually when you both find yourself always cuming together…at the same time…the pussy tightens against the D giving it a grip as he let’s it out.. but na belle de call you so. Start saving for pampers and baby food.

10. Some women be using cum on their faces and body… says it beautifies them…well that’s not true. However regular sex even with condom without contact with cum will make a woman to glow because the body releases oestrogen and progesterone hormones that makes a woman’s features more pronounced and balances her mood in the end, the skin is clear, and the secondary sexual features like boobs and ass are emboldened.

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