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Sunday, August 14, 2022

MUST READ! 10 Things You Should Know Now Before It’s Too Late

There so many things in life we wish we all knew at our early stage.

Well, It’s not too late to share some of the things I wish I knew earlier with you guys and I hope you you grab one or two from it.

1. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Every day you see a curated view of other people’s lives on social media. Don’t fall for it. Everybody struggles. The only way you’ll reach your goals is by comparing yourself to your past self, not others.

2. Finding Happiness

You won’t. Happiness isn’t waiting for you under a rock. You Create happiness. Be kind to others and yourself, foster daily gratitude and find a mission in life bigger than yourself. Give more than you take and you’ll be happy.

3. Emotional Control Is A Superpower

Today’s world is all about having a strong mental game. But if your emotions are all over the place, you won’t get anywhere in life. Learn to tune into your feelings, listen and redirect. Anger & anxiety will ruin your life.

4. Always Communicate More

Problems are always smaller when you speak about them. The more you communicate the better your relationships will be. But remember you have two ears and one mouth, so listen more than you speak.

5. Titles & Reputations

Growing up, you think titles matter. I’ve followed that path and guess what, no one cares! The only thing that matters is how people you interact with speak about you behind your back. Reputation trumps any title.

6. Pain Of Discipline vs Pain Of Regret

The only way you’ll reach your goals is by being disciplined. It starts with getting up early and putting in the reps. Don’t rely on motivation, it’ll fail you and then you’re left with the pain of regret.

7. Finding Mentors

Build a board of advisors around you, who’ll guide and counsel you. If you can find people in real life, great. If not, no factor. Listen to podcasts with your mentors, watch their videos, read their books. Daily exposure to them is all you need.

8. Don’t Rest On Your Applause

The secret to success is Consistency and Hard Work. When you reach your goals, acknowledge your success, but don’t rest. Your accomplishments from yesterday don’t mean anything today, keep striving, keep building.

9. Thinking Strategically vs Toxic Productivity

When you push hard all the time, you’ll end up being busy, but ineffective. You’ll burn out. Think strategically instead: check in with your Why, align your goals and take daily action to move you closer to your mission in life.

10. Time Management

You are in control. But remember time won’t wait for you. Nothing trumps family time. Balance this with staying in control of your work. Successful time management is about fulfilling your purpose.

The End

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