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Monday, July 11, 2022

WOW!! See 6 Records Burna Boy’s New Album, “Love, Damini” Has Broken So Far

So many things have changed since Burna Boy’s 2020 release.

The 2020 release of “Twice As Tall” saw Burna Boy rise up the ranks to take the top spot in the Nigerian music scene. The album, which later won a Grammy, was an apt depiction of how African music can accommodate the listeners at home and overseas too. It was a new day for Afrobeats!

Since then, we’ve had Grammys, had four artists on the Billboard Hot 100, seen artists shut down the O2 (Wiz did it three times in one week), and watched as the whole world sang along to “Essence” last summer. A lot of things have happened. Exciting things.

But after the Grammy, not many of those things happened to Burna Boy. He pandered around in search of a hit song for a while but didn’t quite get it until two months ago when “Last Last” came. The song, which would become the second single from his album, quickly became an anthem.

Riding on that wave and newfound love from listeners across the world, Burna Boy released his sixth studio album last week, to positive critical acclaim. The album is a direct follow-up to the Grammy-winning TAT, so the expectations are high obviously.

Still, “Love, Damini” is doing incredibly well. Here are five records the new album has set within a space of three days.

1. Apple Music Top 19 Spots

Just after the official release at midnight on Friday, Burna Boy took over the 1-19 spots on the Nigeria Apple Music Charts with songs from the album.

Now, that’s a huge thing, considering before that, songs like Asake’s “PBUY” have remained at the top spot. But when Odogwu came in, they all had to vacate the spots for him.

Wizkid and Davido have also filled the top spots of the charts with their albums in 2020, but their albums had 14 and 17 songs, respectively. So yes, this is a new record for Burna Boy.

2. Spotify Music Top 19 Spots

The same thing that happened on Apple Music happened on Spotify too. All 19 songs made up the 1-19 on the Nigeria Spotify charts.

The main difference between this and the other one is that nobody (not Wizkid or Davido) has ever done that before. Burna Boy is now in a league of his own.

3. UK Singles Chart

Burna Boy’s hit song, “Last Last” is doing wonders around the world and upon the release of his album, the single peaked on the UK’s official chart at #12.

This marks Burna Boy’s first top 15 entry as a lead artist in the UK, a huge feat for the Grammy-winning singer.

4. Global Spotify Entry

Last Last” also made it to the Spotify Global chart at #127, with 1.06 million streams in one day. That was Burna Boy’s first entry on the chart as a lead artist.

5. For My Hand ft. Ed Sheeran

Burna Boy had not one, but two Spotify Global Charts entries, with “For My Hand” debuting at #157. The love song, which is one the fan favorites, garnered 957K streams on its first day.

6. US Apple Music

Burna Boy is now officially the Nigerian artist with the highest-charting album on the US Apple Music. His latest album, “Love, Damini” broke that record when it first reached #4. It continued to rise and peaked at #2.

Wizkid held that record before with “Made in Lagos” which peaked at #5. Another huge one for Burna.

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