Nigerian Mothers Will Stain Your White!! See What My Mum Did To Me In The Presence Of Fine Girls - Nigelzient



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author Cashlino – “Freedom”
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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Nigerian Mothers Will Stain Your White!! See What My Mum Did To Me In The Presence Of Fine Girls

Nigerian mothers need to understand that because we are still under their roof does not mean they should be falling our hands anyhow.

A young fella shares his ordeal experience with his mother when he was trying to drop some pick-up lines to some fine girls strolling down the street.

This is funny tho but then Nigerian mothers need to calm down and understand that we have levels too sha.

Read what he shared below:-

Wagwan my bro, mehn mumsy fall my hands big time ooo.

I fit no follow her talk for like a week with the way I dey vex like this, can you imagine what she did, ah ah a whole me abi shey I come small inside life ni.

So what happened is that, yesterday yeah I wanted to get something down the street, the moment I stepped out of the house, I saw this 3 beautiful girls, omo mehn is you see this chicks so so damn pretty.

As big fine boy wey I be na, I compose myself and decided to talk to one of them, the one that have yansh among them because yktv yansh all the way, I was still talking to that one like what’s your name and stuff, I never even enter can you give me your number so I can call you later and bro she’s feeling my vibe already.

I haven’t even spend 2 minutes with the girl, I just heard my name from the back, as I just look back like this na mumsy I see, you know wetin she tell me? she was like ‘Ade have you finished washing the dishes?’ bro….. the girls just started laughing bro.

I felt like I can just enter the ground bro, she don’t even understand am trying to talk to a girl and not even one girl is there, bro there are 3 hot girls there, mehn I just had to leave, I can’t even request for her number anymore.

I really felt bad ooo, like ah ah emi top boy, she just fall my hand, she pour epo for my white.

But no qualms, it’s because am still under her roof.

I just want you to know what happened.

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