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Saturday, April 30, 2022

How The Church Girl I Wanted To Marry Cheated On Me With Several Guys

Sorry if the story is all messed up as my mind is F’ed up right now.

I got into a corpers lodge which used to be a lounge. I didn’t want to date anyone but this hoe kept disturbing me to. Gave in.

Usually I’m a crypto investor, I have money, I look good, I dress good. I’m not saying all these things to hype myself up but I’m okay.

Sexually I can last hours, I made her cum consistently. The only problem I have is delayed ejaculation. Which she complains about.

Now, I’m not the type to love hard as I’m already used to heartbreaks. So we dated and broke up after 4 months or so. I was okay with the breakup.

Only to find out she’s been fucking around the whole time I was loving up, as she(in my mind) opened up to me about the guys that played her and broke her heart.

She goes to church frequently and if you see this girl outside you’d think she’s a saint, she doesn’t party, she doesn’t usually drink and no smoking.

Anyway I found out that she’d be fucking her our fellow corper guys and was getting passed around, while still pretending she still loved me(after the breakup).

When I knew and she came to my side and I told her to go Bleep the guy she usually goes to she said she doesn’t care.

This person who I thought had a conscience was probably a covert narcissist who wants male attention from anywhere she’ll get it.

To be honest it pains me to say this but I felt foolish for actually loving the girl and started to doubt myself as a man.

I’m usually the one girls cheat on their guys with(when I was in uni) but this time around I got my share(after I became a good guy), it hit hard and it disgusted me how I got to know she was being pounded by other niggas.

Funny thing is now she doesn’t hide it, she blows kisses to the nigga openly in everyone’s presence.

Don’t want to bitch all day about this but honestly it feels evil how someone can switch like the devil cause I had nothing but good intentions for her.

And she not only did all that but boldly told people I was the one disturbing her life. Lol. It is well. I know it’s the times we shared that’s causing me to feel undeserved.

The one thing on my mind I Sha know is that at the end of the day I’m still an awesome dude, no matter how a hoe wants to pay me back I’ll still make bank and get back out there. Thanks for reading and if you have things to add, both good or bad I’m willing to read through.

Addition ; wanted to marry her as I had enough money to and we shared(to my understanding) the same values and dreams.

I doubt I’ll ever fall for words or even actions of love again as I was genuinely convinced she was good.

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