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author Cashlino – “Freedom”
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Saturday, April 30, 2022

HELP PLEASE! They Want Me To Marry Her Corpse

Back then when my mom was warning me not to go that far when our relationship started She kept on insisting I should go for the girls in my tribe, I thought she was just been a tribalist bigot. If only I had listened.

She bore me a son, he’s 3 years now… though her people know me well from normal visitation.

…but I haven’t been able to pay her bride price yet due to the hardship this regime has on us. life happened, unfortunately, she got sick in February, ever since then from one hospital to another.

I took several loans from people for hospital bills to the point of me looking sick sad for us we lost her last night.

I informed her elder brother who knows about all that’s happening, he called me back this morning to tell me that his people told me to be prepared to marry her corpse.

He went further and said if I don’t pay her bride price, my boy will be taken from me and I should be ready to withstand the consequences.

I was surprised, I called for the burial arrangements not for a marriage ceremony

I bluntly told him, I won’t, why would I get married to her corpse. He was angry and cut the call on me.

Am more concerned about my son, please lawyer’s in the house do they have any right to take my son away from me?

Even if they do am ready to give it to them, but spending money to Marry her corpse I will not.

I only brought this here, if had chance for my son whose still in my custody.

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