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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Why I Denied My Wife Food Last Night, Man Reveals

So the main issue that led to me denying her food this night.

I asked her for the two of us to go and get ingredients for food, she said she’s having serious headache so I went alone.

When I came back I washed the rice and put it on fire and I also start grinding the pepper and tomatoes with manual grinder.

After few minutes when the rice was done I asked my wife to go and put down the rice from fire, and fried the stew afterwards.

She just started shouting she’s so tired, her head is hot and making hefty sounds inside that she can’t stand up from this bed.

I insisted and she went to put the rice down and off the gas, instead of her to start frying the stew. She just came and meet me on the bed.

And she started shouting I didn’t tell you am hungry, am not even eating this night at all. Do whatever you want to do, I’ll never stand up to make any stew in this house. If you want to eat go and make the stew yourself.

I just stood up and enter the kitchen to make the stew. As I was making the stew, my wife that said she’s not feeling fine was busy watching film om her phone.

She complained earlier that her head is hefty and aching her that she can’t stand up from the bed, but she stood up and start looking for the BT Audio to connect to her phone so that she’ll be able to hear the film audio very well.

Immediately I finished making the stew, I served the food on the table and the next my wife wanted to stood up from the bed to join on the table so that we can eat.

I just told her that You can never eat from this food this night and tomorrow morning, because you were the one that said you were not hungry that I was troubling you to make food.

I also told her that the headache allow you br watching films and also allow you to be looking for BT Audio. But denied you to cook for me.

So house I want to know if this is right or wrong pls or what can I do.

To all moniker saying have I ever helped her before this is for you below:

BTW I have cooked many times in the house, there are times she’ll go to work before she comes back I’ll have prepare good foods, that will atimes takes me 2 or more hours to prepare and she’ll come back and eat and smile and say thank you. I use to get home between 5pm and 6pm latest, while she’ll be coming home by 7pm, 8pm or latter.

At times the two of us may be at home and I’ll be the only one cooking, while she’ll just lie down watching films or doing another thing while I do the while cooking.

I think I have being helpful to her in cooking and other chores in the house. There are many times I’ll be the one washing all the clothes in the house, while she’s sleeping or doing something else.

I literally do almost 80% of everything in the house if not more than.

But me doing all those doesn’t mean am a fool or I don’t know what am doing.

Bit I think as a man you have to man up.

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