HELP!! My Boyfriend Beat Me Like A Thief For Urinating On The Bed By Mistake – What Should I Do? - Nigelzient



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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

HELP!! My Boyfriend Beat Me Like A Thief For Urinating On The Bed By Mistake – What Should I Do?

A Nigerian girl has cried out about how her lover beat her up for urinating on the bed.

According to her, it was a mistake and he beat her up mercilessly.

She added that he convinced her to get drunk. This prompted her into bed wetting mistakenly only for him to beat her like a thief!

Good evening Gift, please help me post and hide my identity. please I know I should be ashamed of myself but I still need your advice.. so I’m currently dating a guy.. last night we went to a bar to boyfriend asked me what I wanted to drink I told him Bailey’s..he hissed and asked the bartender to give me henessy.. I told my boyfriend I couldn’t drink..he told me to try and I don’t have to finish the whole I drank and almost finished the bottle.. I was so boyfriend drove me to his house I slept there… because I was so drunk and weak I bedwetted that was about 3am mid boyfriend got so angry and beat me up..this dude beat me so bad that I cried the whole night…in the morning before my boyfriend woke up because he went to sleep in another room.. before he got up.. I took my bag and went home.. he’s been calling my phone.. begging for forgiveness.. telling me he did that so I’d be able to control myself next time.. I hate domestic violence and I’ve always prayed to God not to give me a man that will be beating me . I don’t know what to do..if I should forgive him because the beating was too much.. please y’all should advice me

Ahhh… He should know you wee drunk na. Please un for you life. Relationship is not by force. Why will a man beat the woman he claims to love?

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