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LIFE HACK:- EPISODE 1!!! Call People On Phone Before Going To Visit Them

Have you ever gone visiting someone just for the sake of love and humanity and feel like a waste in the end?

This is one common mistake people make and take for granted, especially family members and people in a relationship.

Most people think If your woman or man has to call before visiting, there is no need being in that relationship. Saying these are Red Flags.

I once told my girlfriend I will pay her a visit and she said no problem and that I should call her when I get around her place. I got there and I called for several minutes but she didn’t pick ooo. I decided to enter their house because her siblings knows me. I knocked the door, they opened.

They were seated at Parlor watching film the film sef too loud, I asked dem why is TV so loud like that, they said their sister increase the volume.

Omo as I reach her room side as pa no be my first time. Na bed sound I dey hear the sound alone made me realized say I don fuck up. and that was how i broke my heart all by myself.

So Guys, the question we have for you is, 

What’s your experience with NOT Calling People before Going To Visit Them

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