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Monday, December 27, 2021

The Lady I Wanted To Marry Pretended To Be A Graduate

Hello dear readers, in the house, please I need your sincere advice in this matter.

I have known this lady I really want to marry for over 2 years now. Though our friendship have been a casual one.

The issue is she told me she is a graduate and then i visited her house over 2 years back I met her mom and she asked me where I came from- my tribe and if I am a graduate and told her my tribe and yes I am graduate.

She said she wants her daughter to marry a graduate because she has done her best to train her school. It was of recent we started a serious marriage relationship and I told my pastor and we both met with pastor already.

It Is now she told me that she did not graduate that she was unable to pay school fees, though she went up to 500level and did I.T but her parents only paid 100 and 200 level school fees. She said she has no result/certificate.

I told her am honestly disappointed for hiding this from me ever since and she said it is because I have not really made my intentions know to her.

One of the reasons I like her was being a graduate and I have not dreamt of marrying a non graduate.

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