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Monday, December 27, 2021

Please Help! Should I Ask Her For A Relationship Or Maintain Our Friendship

Dear readers, please, I need advice on this matter.

It was on a good evening… Abt 4 months ago. I went out to get a bag of pure water, but the woman that sells around my street has closed so I went to the next street.

I saw this beautiful creature, light-skinned, slim and pretty girl. Although she narrowly escaped albino.

Her hair is naturally dark, she’s very light-skinned like Regina Daniel.

BUT if one observes her very well and look at her eyes, one would tell she’s an albino because her eyes are always swinging and dangling.

Immediately I saw her, as a sharp guy I approached her, I flattered her and she smiled and gave me her number.

I have been living in my area for almost 2 years now. I don’t know this babe stays down my street.

She lives with her parents, I was so surprised when she showed me their house. Well, since then we’ve been chatting and calling each other.

She’s a good and happy girl, she has never directly or indirectly ask me for money, she has a great sense of humour. She enjoys my company. She’s 23yrs old, an igbo girl.

I know alot of guys would be attracted to her beauty but I doubt if she has a boyfriend. For her to be living down my street and even my guys haven’t seen her mehn! She’s well reserve.

The guys in my hood, I don’t know maybe the girls that broke their heart made use of Thor sledge hammer (in Avengers movie) to break it. These guys are hardcore red pillars.

Yesterday was the first day she visited me. she brought food for me, she saw I and my guys butchering our chicken, she also assisted us in preparing egusi soup.

When she left. My guyz was like where did I see this beautiful fish….Before I could even narrate to them, they were already asking if I ‘don lash’ her.

I said No. Omo!! They almost pick up a Physical fight with me saying “why I neva lash her nw”.

Honestly, she’s different from other girls. If na before…I for don lash her since nw.

They were also surprised that she live down our street. This babe is so reserved and well mannered. I don’t mind, I would like to marry this babe.

I have never felt this way for any girl in a very long time.

I Don’t Know If I Should Ask Her Out Or Maintain The Friendship.

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