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Monday, December 27, 2021

Is Ajebo Hustlers The New P-Square?

There’s not been a lot of phenomenal duos in Nigerian music history.

But the P-Square brothers have made history as one of the most iconic of all time. Starting their career in the mid-2000s, the duo went on to create classic albums that have sold so much they’re two of the richest in the industry.

But since P-Square, there hasn’t really been any pop duo that has gotten anywhere in the Nigerian industry. Well, until Ajebo Hustlers came last year.

The two guys from Port-Harcourt became popular owing to their “Barawo” hit that was gaining mainstream attention in the course of 2020. Around October 2020, and during the End SARS saga, the song became even bigger and Davido jumped on it and graced them with a remix. It was an instant smash.

They continued their run this year, with the release of the Omah Lay-assisted “Pronto” which is hands-down one of the hottest tracks of 2021. They wasted no time in creating their debut album, “Kpos Lifestyle,” a 10-track album that had the hits “Barawo,” “Pronto,” “Symbiosis,” and “Solace.”

After that exciting release, it’s safe to say that the boys are not just talented but they can live up to the challenges of mainstream music in Naija.

Owing to their chemistry and their syncopation, people have compared them to the legendary duo, P-Square. Some have referred to them as the “best duo since Peter and Paul,” and I’m starting to think that just might be true.

They’ve got the potential, they’ve got the talent, are they going to become the next P-Square.

Well, what do you think?

Do You Think Ajebo Hustlers Have What It Takes To Become As Big As P-Square In The Coming Years?

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