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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Is This Fair? My Fiancé Wants To Call It A Quit Because I Don’t Relate With His Siblings

Good morning dear, I want to pour my heart into what’s bothering me and get people’s views and possible solutions to the issue.

I’ve been in a relationship with my boo for a couple of years now and it’s a serious relationship, we’re are very close, in fact we’re practically besties aside relationship.

For some months now I noticed he no longer gives me attention like he used to, the vibe between us dropped and it was getting me angry.

He stopped doing the things he knows I like, he knows my love language is attention/care as well as a complement but he stopped doing all these.

I’d send him a photo where I look so beautiful and he’d only say you look good, at a point I started preparing my mind for the worse.

Just yesterday he told me there’s something he wants us to talk to me about and it’s been bothering him and I asked him what it was, he said it’s about us.

He said 2 of his siblings asked him the same question on different occasions but, he didn’t see it as a big deal the first time but when it was asked the second time he got angry and that’s the reason he hasn’t been flowing well with me.

The question was how can you get married to someone who is not close to your siblings, when he said this I was weak.

I know when we started the relationship he told me his siblings are free people I can relate with, I told him I will try.

I was in contact with 2 of his sisters before this year (i sometimes chat, text or call during birthdays, new months and festivities.

This year I started chatting with the 3rd sister, her wedding was coming up and she sent me an IV.

I congratulated her and she asked if I will be around, I told her I will try and create time so I can travel down to attend.

I really did travel down to attend the wedding, she was surprised when she saw me but I noticed my boo wasn’t happy with me all through the event.

Now he’s saying he’s in close communication with my mum and siblings, they talk all the time but the same can not be said about me.

He was thinking about how can he get married and his siblings will refuse to come to his house because there’s no relationship between us.

I’m a very introverted person while he and his siblings on the other hand are extroverts and ambiverts, I don’t find it easy building up ties with people from a distance.

I have very few friends, I can be in a place and I won’t talk if I’m not used to the people or there’s no serious thing to talk about (that’s the reason I talk to his siblings during birthdays, new month or festivities).

I don’t know how to build up a strong relationship with them before marriage, it’s even worse because we don’t get to see them often cos they’re in a different state but I’ve visited them on a few occasions.

How do I handle this issue?

I was in deep thought all through the night, I couldn’t get up to 4 hours of sleep.

God knows I love his family as much as I do mine, he himself said he knows I care about them 100% but his family cannot read my mind to see that I have them in mind.

After our discussion last night I couldn’t sleep, I’ve been feeling bad about the whole thing.

Introversion is making me look like I’m not a good person.

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