Open Letter To All Those Who Think Davido Has Hand In The Death Of His Crew Members – All Of You Are Mad - Nigelzient



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Open Letter To All Those Who Think Davido Has Hand In The Death Of His Crew Members – All Of You Are Mad

It’s always weird how weird things happen to good people.

For someone as accomodating as Davido, the least sh!t life should be throwing at him back-to-back is the death of crew members. Not even at this crucial time of his career when his peers are making power moves.

The recent report of Fortune’s date makes it 7 men already down from the large 30BG gang and it’s quite unfortunate and disgusting to see many Nigerian music lovers pointing fingers at Davido for the deaths of his close friends.

This is someone who lost his mother at a very tender age, he grew up in the company of families and friends around him.

Growing up to become a superstar and lifting up a lot of young people around him shouldn’t be something anyone will blame him for.

This Is A Tough Time For Davido And He Deserves Some Show Of Love From Fans And Industry Colleagues

Just when Davido is trying to recover fully from the painful death of his close friend and personal assistant, Uthman Habeeb aka Obama DMW, the death of his official photographer, Fortune struck him again.

Put yourself in Davido’s shoe, how will you feel after all these things happening people are now pointing suspecting fingers at you by saying sorts of stupid things like “he is using his friends to renew rituals“, “he is sacrificing his friends for fame” and other shitty talks.

It is really hard to believe that people will come up with these things against Davido forgetting that anyone can die at any time regardless of who you are associated with or the amount of money in your bank account.

No doubt, Davido’s mental health will be all messed up at the moment and only lots of show of support and solidarity towards the embattled DMW boss can help him at this moment.

For Real, David deserves better from fans and industry colleagues.

You All Saying He Has Been Sacrificing His Friends For Fame Are Mad – Here’s Why

Truth be told, una dey mad for mentioning rituals with the name Davido.

Because if it’s not mental problem, I don’t know what else it could be. This is someone whose parent and entire family are richer than 4 of your generations combined.

While una family dey pass poverty from one generation to another, the Adeleke family have been passing down riches from one generation to another.

These are obvious things that should tell you all these deaths are unfortunate coincidences that can happen to anyone.

Davido came into the music industry with money needed to grow his career and as he is expanding as a brand, he has always been open to helping other young hardworking youths.

Should Davido Disband 30BG Gang?

Davido is not the only big artiste to lose friends in the industry, his own is just obvious because all his workers, friends, and associates are famous.

WizkidBurna Boy, and other big artistes don’t have the habit of passing down fame to their crew members, anyone could have died in their camp without the public knowing about it.

The reason many of you are running your mouths on social media is because Davido decided to make his associates famous without considering the fact that any bad thing that happens to them automatically pulls his name along.

If Davido is not strong enough, with all the rubbish people have been saying after Fortune‘s death, he might decide to disband 30BG and start moving his brand alone with few team members.

What will now be the faith of other young talents who could benefit from Davido’s good gesture in future?

Davido has done a lot for less privileged youths in Nigeria and the best anyone could offer him at these trying times is a huge show of love and support.

We love you Davido, please stay strong!!

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