OPINION!! NBC Should Ban All Nollywood Movies Promoting Money Rituals (See Why) - Nigelzient



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OPINION!! NBC Should Ban All Nollywood Movies Promoting Money Rituals (See Why)

I just saw a very graphic picture that I can’t even post here.

A guy was caught in Kwara state yesterday with fresh human head and two hands. He said he wanted to use the body parts for money rituals.
Some Nigerians want to get rich without working. They want to get rich through spiritual means. Our people have been lied to and made to believe that they can get rich supernaturally or spiritually. The desperation to get rich through superstitious means has made many people to become complete MUMU. Some people chew live chicken, some eat mentrual pads, some tie or carry different charms around their bodies, while others go bathing/ sleeping in a cemetery etc.
You do all these things yet you never appear on Forbes list of billionaires.
You do all these things yet the country still remains the extreme poverty capital of the world.
People in other parts of the world are using natural means to make money and are much more better than you will ever be.
People are so superstitious and blind, they believe in supernaturally generated wealth. All wealth is naturally acquired. Spirits don’t give money, if they do Africans will be the richest people on earth. Money ritual is a hoax and a total waste of time.
Most of these rubbish beliefs are gotten from Nollwood movies. The Nigeria movie industry is full of craps.
In my opinion,

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