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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

MUSIC LOVERS!! Who Is The Best Female Singer In Nigeria Right Now? — Choose One Of These

Not so many female artists have managed to reach superstar level in the Nigerian music industry.

The few who have, have had to work their asses off and go the extra mile to get where they are.
Mad talent, mad consistency, and sometimes, a little extra push from a stable record label, and boom you’re at the top.
Of course, it doesn’t come easy, but it does happen. And that’s something everyone should be grateful; that the women are not being left behind in this industry.
Some are topping charts, doing amazing numbers, some are bagging multiple awards with 6-track EP’s, while some are doing well on the international space. It’s all working out well for most of them.
And yes, they got here, mostly because of the singing talent that they have. But who does this singing thing best, anyway? Let’s do a quick check, shall we?

Tiwa Savage

She’s probably the first name that will come to your mind if you think of women in the Nigerian music industry.
Tiwa has been to places, has been signed by Jay-Z, has ‘competed’ alongside some of the best acts on the continent, and being in the top league for as long as anyone can remember.
With solid albums like “Celia” too, she consistently proves what she’s got, and yes, she’s very good.

Yemi Alade

Another name that has been around for quite a while is Yemi Alade. She’s got the numbers, and on the international scene, she’s one of the hottest.
Her fame is definitely not a fluke, she’s worked hard to get here and her talent can’t be denied.
She released her album, “Empress” last year, to mostly positive critical reviews.


Simi has done it like no one else. Two years in a row, she had the best album in the country and she does this thing effortlessly. Her voice is very powerful and people love her for that.
Last year 2020, she came back with her EP, “Restless II” which was easily one of the best projects of the year. She’s no doubt, a very good singer and up there with the best.


You cannot forget Nini. No artist in this industry can actually do what Niniola is doing and has done for years now.
Her unique house style gave her an edge over most of her peers, and her contagious voice is just something to die for.
She also put out an album, “Colours and Sounds” last year. It was vibes on vibes.


Teni is Niniola‘s younger sister, and apparently, it runs in the family.
Since Teni’s emergence on the scene in 2017, she’s been real real impressive. Her work rate is unmatched on all levels.
Either it’s the effort she puts into her craft or the way she promotes her stuff, there is no question about how good Teni is. She’s really one of the best, and that’s on period.
So now, we’ve got Tiwa SavageYemi AladeSimiNiniola and Teni, who sings the best?

Which Of Them Do You Think Is The Best Singer?

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