‘I Told Him To Stop Sending Money To His Mum, Now I’m Doing This’ (Did I Do Wrong?) - Nigelzient



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‘I Told Him To Stop Sending Money To His Mum, Now I’m Doing This’ (Did I Do Wrong?)

Hello fellow readers,

I have a staff on my farm whom I have known for sometimes before I employed him.
Then I have been supporting him financially in the little way I can until I needed an extra hand, so he joined me.
It was during our conversation that I realized he is actually a bricklayer, I have been able to help him get construction jobs from friends who are civil engineers, but still, I noticed he is always broke.
So I asked him how to come, or is it that my friend has not been paying? He told me has been getting his wage, so why are you always broke?
He told me it’s his family, but I know he is not married, he said it’s his mum, she is a drunk and smokes, this guy is in his mid-thirty, so I presume the mother should be in the mid-fifty (I have never met her)
This guy lives around here in Ibadan (the mum lives around there also), so I raised funds for him and relocated him to Akala express, and I told him to separate himself from him family members for some time.
So he can give directions to his life, which he did, and he called me yesterday that he wants to buy a mini gas cylinder as fasting is approaching, but he didn’t use his phone, so I asked him of his phone, he said he switched it off as his mum has been disturbing him for money
But just yesterday, I was going to sending money to my mum for weekly upkeep, I felt bad that I advised someone against giving money to his mother and here I am giving to my mother.

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