Sometimes when I remember my childhood, I just begin to laugh.

The first day I saw my period, I was surprised.
I have been feeling stomach pain for days and I didn’t know that I was about to see my period, and those pains were like an introduction into menses. I just came back from school and decided to go to the toilet.
Then I saw blood. I already knew what it was because we have been taught in school about sexual reproduction.
My school was even visited by Always ultra pad.
So I knew how to use a pad. I immediately took one from my mom’s box.
When my mom came back, I told her what I saw and showed her my panties. Do you know the sexual advice that she gave me?
She said that “you have started seeing your period ohh and you are now a woman.
Don’t allow any boy or man to touch you Ohh”.
I told her that I don’t understand. She then said that if a man touches me in any way even if he touches my hands, that I will get pregnant.
I knew that it was a lie because we were taught in school that pregnancy can only happen when a man and a woman have sex and nothing more.
I just smiled at my mom.
She just wanted me to stay away from men.

What Did Your Mom Tell You The First Day You Saw Your Menses

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