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Sunday, July 12, 2020

I Am Open To Finding Love And Remarrying – Nollywood Actress, Uche Ogbodo

Enugu-based Nigerian actress, Uche Ogbodo has revealed that she is ready to love again and she is open to finding love.

The once married woman divorced her husband, Apo Arthur, after they tied the knot in 2013.
Uche Ogbodo who has a daughter with Apo Arthur has vowed to let her daughter have siblings suggesting she wants to go on a bonking spree.
Taking to her Instagram page, she wrote;
“My baby girl will have siblings soon. I assure you. Watch out. I am still a lover girl as I was a few years ago. It’s only that I am a little wiser and stronger. Now, I am open to finding love again and getting married. I won’t say I have regrets over my past. I only have lessons learnt. Also, I don’t frown at finding love in the industry. If you find your love amongst your colleagues in showbiz, please feel free to nurture it. If I find love here, I will definitely nurture it. But I have never, not yet,”
Uche Ogbodo also touched on the up and down times in her life as a single mother.
“The joyful moments we (my daughter and I) spent together, discovering ourselves as she grows up are my high moments. The lows are when I had to cry in my bedroom all alone, praying to God to save me from stress, because I work too hard trying to provide all she needs. It is not easy but I am thankful for grace.”

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