Some people can use sticker for Africa

I have come across these two, Sticker Head Boy and Grand M. The two are really on the top chart being the most use stickers in Nigerian if you ask me.

Sticker Head Boy

This one can cry for Africa 
There’s nothing you can do to make him happy, He just loves living his life this way  Even on his birthday, he will cry. I even see him crying when he’s living a luxurious life.
That one no even pain me oo. I shocked the day I saw this guy meme crying while fucking.

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Grand M

Our own young granny of life, he’s a whole of vibe
Unlike Sticker Head Boy, he’s many viral video which makes many social media users like him and associate with him. Sometimes, I used to mistake Grand M as a comedian because he’s too funny.

Watch His Video

So be sincere,

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