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Sunday, June 21, 2020

LET’S TALK! Married Men Sleeping With Their Wife’s Sister Or Maid

I was shocked by what I heard my neighbours maid telling someone behind my window how my neighbour refused to settle her and what she is planning to do to him.

From the gist, the maid said since she came over to live with my neighbour she has never had rest.
My neighbour just say Mr John (I have to change the name for safety) lives with his wife and two little kids.
… And he is a contractor while his wife works as an accountant in a thriving company.
So she leaves very early to work leaving the two little kids at home. Initially, her mum was staying with the kids till she left.
So now the man and the wife goes out together leaving the kids with the maid.
The issue now is, very early the man will dress up with the wife and escort her to the junction sometimes even enter car before her on their way to work.
… But in less than 30 minutes, he will be back home. By then the maid has dropped the kids in school.
The next thing straight to the maids room and …… Till he is done.
She said this has been going on for weeks. And the issue now she too want to gain or else we will make sure madam finds out. If he refuse to settle her.
Let’s talk about it. Some case is the wife sister. Or even worse case
Na the madam dey worry the housekeepers (boys)…

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