Seyi Shay has taken to Twitter to vent out her anger about losing money, Shows, Endorsements, and deals due to the global lockdown.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down almost everything in the world, the financial repercussions are beginning to take its toll on the large percent of the world, even celebrities are not left out.

Concerts, shows, Movie premieres and the rest have all been canceled due to the pandemic and these are indirectly affecting artists who depend on these structures to survive.

See what seyi shay has to say :-



I don't even wanna talk about how much money ive lost cos of this global lockdown ! Shows, endorsements, deals!!!!
I pray The Almighty restores EVERYTHING that my fellow artistes and YOU have lost ! #weshallovercom e


3:23 PM - Apr 13, 2020 · Lagos, Nigeria

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