Talented songstress, Simi has criticized Tunde Ednut’s statement about how women should treat their husbands after a long day at work. 

Tunde Ednut via his post on Instagram advised women to always be a source of rest to their husbands and not give him stress. He wrote, Women: No matter what transpired between you and him, be a source of rest when your husband returns from work, not a source of stress. Women who are sources of stress to their husbands may lose them to the women who give them the rest.
Simi, however, disagreed with his statement and advised him to stop misleading people. According to her, Tunde needs to start telling people to love their partners the way they want to be loved.
Who will be her source of rest when she returns from work? Lol. You need to start telling people to love their partner how they want to be loved – period. Whatever u can’t take, don’t do. And vice versa. Love is not that complicated. You people turn marriage to work, especially for the woman. Anyone looking to be babied or tolerated because “God said” should stay single. Stressful.
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