Hello everyone, I have something bothering my mind for a long time which I need an advice on.

I have a girlfriend who I really love so much, we were friends before I started falling for her, we’ve been together for long, I enjoyed her company, she’s the best woman to me, she’s everything you’ll love a wife to be in character, caring, love and all.

Unfortunately, I have a problem, and the problem is that, she’s not that beautiful to me.

I’m a kind of person that doesn’t like trying what my mind doesn’t fully want, whenever I think of her, it’s only that aspect I don’t always like.

I’ve always fantasized of marrying someone very beautiful cos that’s what I want.

The problem is that this girl is so good to me.

I have no problem with her, but I’m only thinking I can get fed up of her with time cos of her beauty which is not up to my expectation and I may likely cheat on her.

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