I got a job last year at a private school. I was given the position of a receptionist. To be fair to this narration, i wasn’t a very good receptionist because though I tried my best, what i studied had nothing to do with my job.
I did my best to get the hang of the job, but i constantly forgot things i was supposed to remember, though i always did the basics.
I did my best to make up for my defects. Being a nursery and primary school i noticed they needed help with their artworks and since I am good at drawing, anytime there was no work on my table i did a lot of artwork for events or which the school needed for decor. They appreciated it so much and gave me a lot to do which unbelievably the parents were told their kids did it all.
I tried to have a good relationship with my boss and all. For her bday we did a large card and i was the one that crafted it in two days. I even told my boss about academic issues i had and how i planned to go back and fix everything next year.
I was afraid to rock the boat i was nice to everyone, to make up for my many efficiency defects. They even complained of how docile i was at times.
The time reached that my boss was unable to cope with my other deficiencies despite my attempts to make it up. She took up what i told her about leaving next year and said no, i have to leave by june/july, it would not be convenient for her if i leave by december.
Okay, i left.
They said i should be coming to visit, all is well. My family was against that. I was warned that i might be humiliated but i still went to the school to visit.
The proprietress gave me a deal that I should negotiate with them and continue doing artworks for them. I was very happy. I came back to the school and did some artwork , got paid and left..
Fast forward till today, i was given another deal on Monday, i was told to come on Wednesday to do the job.That same Monday, i was told by some teachers there that there wasn’t supposed to be any negotiation that i should be doing those things for free,that we are family,im not a real artist. Still, i was expected to come today and do the art stuff.I still came since the deal was still on and the boss hadn’t actually said i wasn’t recieving payment today.
I went there and guess what, the proprietress was with those two teachers that said those things to me on monday. She asked me why i came to visit, as if there was no deal today.
They all just kept quiet and ignored me. I gathered courage and asked ” how about the art job and the deal i was supposed to be paid for? ” The proprietress just said there was nothing.
They could have called me to tell me but no, it was sweeter to have me arrive, look like a beggar, ignore me and then tell me bye in high snobbish voices as i was leaving.
Why did they humiliate me?

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