Hello everyone.
So I met this girl through a mutual friend and we started bonding.
Initially, I didn’t take the friendship seriously because this lady is a little older than me and I do not see any future between us.
Now, things got more intense between us. She visited me one time, one thing leading to another, we were in bed, about to have sex and then I pulled out the condom but she refused, insisting that she doesn’t enjoy sex with condom.
I was very surprised to hear that, so I tried to make her see reasons why the condom is very necessary. She adamantly refused. We ended up not having the sex that day.
Just last week she visited again and we spent the night together. We tried to have sex again but the same issue came up again. She insisted I must not used condom. Now this got me upset.
During the conversation that ensued, she made it very clear to me that she does not have any STD/STI so I should not be afraid.
She however admitted that she was ovulating and that the chances of getting her pregnant was high, but that I should not worry that she’d take care of herself and the pregnancy, if it happens.
She said that she would not force me to get involved with the baby if I don’t want. However, she made very clear that she’s not ready to get married. This got me confused.
I don’t want to let my guards down by indulging in unprotected sex with someone I don’t trust. I also do not want to hurt her feelings. So I plan to take her for medical tests next week and then we can kick it off from there.

What’s Your Advise For Me.

Thank you.

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