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MUST SEE: 5 Things Men Should Never Ever Do After S*x (No. 4 Is Very Bad But Men Do It Most)

A simple google search will reveal much about how to have good sex, how to prolong it, positions that promise to make you scream blablabla.
However, there’s not much serviceable information about what guys ought to do after sex. What happens is just as important especially to the opposite sex hence the need to get a handle on exactly what you should be doing in sex’s sticky aftermath and what you shouldn’t.
To score high in your partner’s eyes and stand a chance of getting lucky again, below is a cheat sheet of these post-coital no-nos you need to drop asap.

1. Fall Asleep Immediately

While this annoying habit can be avoided, it is not always the case because it extends to a chemical reaction.
Orgasm releases a cocktail of chemicals that often work like a mega dose of piriton. Then again sex often takes place around bedtime, in bed, and after exerting themselves after a long day it is natural their body will want to rest.
That however should not always be the case. Build some energy and get your partner a late drink or find something you can both enjoy.

2. Turning On The TV

While it may sound like no big deal the truth is, it is. Turning on the TV or picking up your phone will leave your partner feeling abandoned and make her feel unimportant to you.
According to Certified Sex Therapist and Advanced Imago Relationship Therapist Deborah Fox, by having sex with you, a woman has made herself vulnerable. If you disconnect, you’ll leave her feeling unsafe and insecure.

3. Showering Immediately

Not everyone enjoys the sweaty, sticky, smelly aspect of sex which is very understandable, and some people will scurry off to the bathroom to wash up immediately after.
While there are some very good reasons why you should shower after sex, do not be in a hurry to do so. You will give her the impression that you’re washing her off. Linger for a while, hold a conversation, give her a massage etc.
This will give her a clear message that you love all of her and you’re not in a rush to wash it all away.

4. Asking Her To Leave

Nothing comes close to the humiliation a woman feels after a wild session with a stranger or partner who then asks her to leave after the deed is done.
Maybe you have an early morning or your bed isn’t fit for two people to share and sleep comfortably. Those are legit reasons.
What isn’t funny is informing your partner that a sleepover is not on the cards only after you’ve had sex. She will feel like a worthless piece of paper.

5. Become Physically Distant

If you become distant your partner will notice. Staying connected is very important to a woman according to sex therapist, Deborah Fox.
If you don’t touch, cuddle or say complimentary things to her, she’s likely to withdraw. Sex isn’t an event for her that ends in orgasm and it shouldn’t be for you either.
The End!!!

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