A 16-year-old Nigerian porn has been called out on social media over her viral ’40K Premium’ invitation to porn lovers.

The young lady who invited porn subscribers to ‘watch her get naught and play with herself’ was dragged over her age and the ‘high fee’.
Here is the viral video below:-
@chikeaneke wrote:-
Hahaha. Lack of discipline causes most of this; and people giving birth indiscriminately without plans to properly train the kids. She obviously lacked proper upbringing.
@Coco_is_detty wrote:-
Lmao! I dunno y I actually laughed at this. I just pray for good kids Lord!
@2Pocky wrote:-
Some people here are expressing serious dissatisfaction with the ‘young girl’ but deep down in their hearts, if only they could get her number…
Here is another video:-
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