NE STORY!!! A Very Interesting Story Tittled “Bruises” [Episode 1] - Nigelzient



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author[Music] Diamond Jimma Ft. Dotman – Kokoka
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NE STORY!!! A Very Interesting Story Tittled “Bruises” [Episode 1]

This is another very interesting and lovely episodic story on Nigelzient. You won’t regret reading it.
After we started the “Love Knows No Bound” on Wednesday, and the turn Up was really Amazing, Our in-house writer then decided to give you guys more.
Trust you all will enjoy it ? Fresh Episodes will be released every Sundays.
Let’s get started – No dulling ?

[Episode 1]
“Sir! Don’t shoot me, please sir don’t shoot”.
I begged with so much pain in my voice while tears rolled down my eyes. I thought of my sisters. Is this how it’s all going to end? Who would take care of them?
I didn’t think of the many innocent lives I and my gang members have taken. I didn’t think of all those people we robbed off their wealth.
I begged this man looking at me with no mercy at all, same way I look at those innocent people.
I saw in his eyes that he has had enough and my pleads won’t mean a thing. I knew that was the end of the road for me.
As I watched the man standing in front of me, all dressed in a black robe, with black gloves covering his hands. He was about pulling the trigger when a voice stopped him
“Leave him Don, he didn’t kill the boys, those guys did” the voice said to him from afar
“No! I’m not leaving him. This boy and his gang has caused more harm than good to everyone of us. He who kills by sword should die by sword too”, he said in anger to the voice.
“No! Don! Let him go, we’ve done more than enough tonight, I’m sure we’d meet him again”, the voice said.
It was hard for Don to listen to the voice as I was already dead to him. All he needed to do was to pull the trigger and I’d be covered in a pool of blood.
He looked at me pathetically and said “Thank your G, you’d have been a dead meat by now”.
There was no reply that could have came out of my mouth, as I knew I was already as good as dead. I laid there lifeless while I kept saying “please, spare my life” I was covered with sweat and blood from the beating I’d gotten from Don and his gang.
Don turned to leave while he gave me a stern look. A little smile creeped on my bruised lips.
I knew I’ve been saved and life has given me a second chance. That was a close shave. Why did Don listen to the voice? Why didn’t he pull the trigger?
After all I’ve done, do I deserve mercy from anyone at all? I shut my eyes as I was too tired to move and hoped that I’d leave there somehow.
“Brother Kunle! Your phone has been ringing, wake up! “ A voice said.
“Brother Kunle”, the voice called out as it got closer. “Brother Kunle!” The voice called out again hitting me on my shoulder.
I jumped from the bed as if I was being chased.
“Brother Kunle, why are you sweating like this?” She asked.
I looked up at my sister Shindara, I saw how bright her eyes looked, I saw the beautiful smile on her face, I was happy I could see my sister again. I immediately pulled her into hug and cried like a baby.
“I’m alive Shindara! I’m alive”, I said while I cried on her shoulder.
“Yes, you’re alive brother Mi. What would have killed you before?” She asked as she pulled my head away from her shoulder looking at me confuse.
“What’s wrong brother mi? Did you have a nightmare?” She asked in a concerned tone.
I couldn’t utter a word as tears won’t stop rolling down my eyes. I kept on thanking God for giving me a second chance. I looked over at my sister and I was happy I was next to her.
Who am I? Despite all I’ve done, God still gave me a second chance? Why? Do I deserve this? I need to right my wrongs
“Brother mi, you’re getting me worried o! Talk to me”, Shindara said.
Her voice brought me out of my thought.
“If you won’t talk to me, you’d talk to God. Let’s go on our knees and pray”, she said.
As we were about going on our knees, my phone began to ring.
I looked over the screen and it was Jide calling. I didn’t want to pick the call as I was scared. Jide is one of our gang member. While I was contemplating on wether or not to pick his Call, the Call dropped but he called again. I picked this time
“Hello”, I said in a shaky voice
“Ola-k, I don dey try your number since, wettin happen?” He asked. He didn’t wait to get a reply from me before he continued with his words. “Anyhow, I be wan tell you say fresh and Ajanaku don die”, He said sternly.
Hot breeze came upon on me and it felt like I was about sinking to the ground. I couldn’t understand what he said as I was in shock
“You dey hear me so? Na only me and you remain now. Na that operation wey dem go for na him cause all these ones. Bro, I just want tell you say, I no dey do this job again. As I dey so, I don dey port go yankee.
We go dey see for future. Abeg take care of yourself”. He said in rush as he dropped the call almost immediately. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I fell on my back. Of all the people in the world, why was it me God spared?
I can’t carry on with this burden in my heart, I need to tell my story, I thought to myself. While I was wailing, Shindara stood quietly looking at me from afar. I ran to her and pulled her in for a hug.
“I’m going to be a better brother for you and Olakitan”, I said to her while I cried. “Mummy is going to be sorry that she did this to us. Mummy is going to be ashamed that she was ashamed of us”, I said in tears.
“Brother mi, don’t worry, we’ll be great”, she said as she hugged me tighter.
“Don’t talk about Mummy, just leave her alone”, She said in tears too.
Poor Shindara, if only she knew how much of a devil I am, she probably would hate me for life. I didn’t want to turn out this way,but life BRUISED me.
Thank you all for taking your time to read this amazing piece.
Please, don’t be Stingy.. Share the Link on your Social media pages so other Friends and Family can also Read and Enjoy it.
Important Details!! Episode 2 drops on Sunday evening by 4:00pm.
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