A Nigerian man has proposed to his long time girlfriend in Santorini Island in Greece, after 11 years of knowing her.
Nigerian man proposes to his girlfriend
The clearly excited man took to his Instagram page to share the photos and wrote the below lovely caption;
‘ENGAGED! ok ok ok!! there is few times in my life I’ve been lost for words but I genuinely cannot describe the love ❤️ I have for this woman.
She’s been a continuous rock in my life for the past half a decade (yes MAD half a decade you know), and I’m proud to say this beautiful human being is now my fiancé.
For the 11 years I’ve known you, 5 years we’ve been together, I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
love ALWAYS!! You know, it’s mad funny how life works, how everything I do, is literally for you. If I could bold this whole caption I would.
I wish I could show more photos to express my love and joy right now, but you just can’t photo life sometimes. I also didn’t even need to be in these photos as I don’t need to spoil the pic ���� #soontobe#fiance #proposal #engagement#loverighthere #wife”

Nigerian man proposes to his girlfriend
Nigerian man proposes to his girlfriend

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